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Dear parent, I thought I would try to ‘explain’ which competition events your children should be entering. I have set out below what should be viewed as good practice.

1) Swimmers 9-14 years should ALWAYS enter 200m & 400m events (800m free where possible)

2) Where 50m & 100m swims are available these should NOT be entered at the expense of 200m & 400m swims. Younger children are more physically capable of swimming 200m events.

3) The swimmers #1 stroke should always be entered in all distances (where possible)

4) Swimmers should not ‘specialise’ in one particular stroke(s) or event(s) until they are 14-15 years old (I run an IM program which covers ALL strokes and distances)

The message I’m trying to convey is to get the kids to compete at every possible distance, especially when they are younger. As you can imagine this builds great competitive confidence!

NB Some competitions do not cover all distances.  If you want any more advice please speak to me.

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It is good practice to equip yourself for a long day. You will need plenty of food (the correct type, see the Nutrition page) and water. You will need to wear ‘Club Kit and a Club Hat’ this needs to be worn at ALL COMPETITIONS, you will also need a change of costume(s) and spare towel(s). Female athletes usually buy a smaller costume for racing, speak to Andrea for more advice.

‘Head Coach Designated Competitions’ this means that ‘every competitive swimmer’ is expected to attend and swim at least one event per session (where you can qualify) We MUST compete as a Club whenever possible. See Ian or Andrea for more information.

Warm up times do vary however most ‘warm ups’ start at either 8.00am or 8.30am


Ian Bullock – Head Coach, HSC

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City of Sunderland Firecracker 2014

31st October / 2nd November – Sunderland Aquatic Centre

Sunderland Firecracker 2014 conditions

Entries no closed, Draft Programme – Sunderland_Firecracker_2014_Draft1 copy

Warm up Times – COS Firecracker – Warmup Times


BOSSS Winter Festival

15th / 16th November 2014, Billingham Forum

BOSSS Winter Festival 2014 Programme

BOSSS Winter Festival 2014 Upper Times

All entries to Andy ASAP Please.


NER Championships (Short Course), 2014

6th and 7th December 2014, Sunderland Aquatic Centre

This year Qualifying Times – NER Qualifying Times 2014

Closing Date for entries 21st November 2014





Richmond Dales, Back to Pool, September 2014 – RDASC Back To Pool 2014 Results

Newcastle Swim Team, Summer Meet, July 2014 – (Still to be released)

City Of Sunderland ASC Summer Splash, July 2014 – COS Summer Splash Results Page

Middlesborough Open, Level 1, 2014  – Midds-Open-14-Results

Northumberland & Durham Champs 2014 – N&D 2014 Results

Durham City VLC, Feb 2014 – Durham VLC Results

City of Derby, Level 1,  Feb 2014 –

NER Championships, Nov 2013 – NER Results Web-link

Tynemouth ASC Autumn Gala, Oct 2013 – TASC Autumn Gala Results



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