From swimming club to performance centre

It has long been a goal of mine to transform Hartlepool SC into a Performance Centre. With the help of everyone at the club we have achieved our goal! After several months of planning and negotiation, we have secured the additional training time needed and a land work program, we are now members of Hartlepool Colleges Sporting Association the HSA this has given us access to ‘state of the art facilities and expert sports science knowledge.

All of the required hours are now in place to enable us to meet the criteria as a ‘Performance Centre’ & with National & International swimmers at the club, we can offer swimmers a chance to swim and learn from the best. We have multi talented coaches operating at all levels in a Performance  Program something the club has never had in place before! It’s been less than a year since I joined the club, in that time it’s gone form one success to another, gaining momentum as the year has gone on. We are now set for an incredible future, with committed staff and performance opportunities which will attract the best (and already have!) Hartlepool SC PC has a great future! Watch us fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!